There is no problem between Barca and Messi

There is no problem between Barca and Messi

Josep Vives, the spokesperson for Barcelona's Board of Directors, is keen to put rumours to bed that there is a difference between the club and Lionel Messi at present.
Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu and Lionel Messi.

The Argentine conducted an interview with the newspaper Sport, in which he discussed the state of Barcelona and pondered if they truly did their all to try and sign Paris Saint-Germain forward Neymar this summer."It is a completely normal interview," Vives said.

"He does so with a lot of transparency; we are satisfied with how he expressed himself."There is no crack between Messi and the club. He has made some interesting evaluations."Messi, on Neymar, said that he wasn't sure if everything possible [for Neymar to return] because he hasn't been involved in the negotiations."He also said that PSG made it very difficult to come to an agreement.

"The reality is that the club did its best, as the president [Josep Maria Bartomeu] explained, and in the end we were unable to sign him.

"There are fears that Messi could leave in the near future, with a clause in his contract allowing him to depart the Camp Nou for free from next summer."Leo puts on the Barcelona shirt and talks like a member," Vives added.

"What he expresses, everyone does. It's a message of ambition because, after winning what he has won, to say that he still wants to win more shows that he has more ambition to win."It's clear that's what we all want, therefore we strengthen the squad every year.

"We believe that we have a better squad than last year."Barcelona may have missed out on Neymar this summer, but their pursuit of the Brazilian seems set to continue next summer."I think the president made it very clear: we'll keep working," Vives explained.

"We'll see how the season evolves and how we do this year, then we'll plan for the next season."The president expressed this with clarity."

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