Lukaku: "Inter could be the team I needed

Lukaku: "Inter could be the team I needed

Belgian international l, Romelu Lukaku , was interviewed by the chain ESPN UK and left several phrases to excite the fans of Inter Milan . However, he also stated that he wanted to leave England and try the Manchester United that they were wrong with him.
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Lukaku recounted his desire to wear the 'neroazzurra' shirt to boost his career again: " This could be the team I needed , this is the love I feel for this land. The love I feel for Inter is great . It was the moment perfect to leave England, I didn't want to stay there anymore . "

With these harsh words towards his former team, the 26-year-old Belgian showed the discontent that he lived in Manchester . Now as an interist player he praised his new coach Antonio Conte .

"This group of players we have is special. We have the right leader ahead to take us to the right position . Inter is an ambitious club. I want to help build something here, for me it was the right choice ," the forward confessed.

He also continued to declare very positively about the Italian coach: "He knows how to make a group a team. It is as if we were here, and together, for several years, even those who have just arrived. That is the strangest thing" .

As part of his adaptation, Romelu said that he is learning the Italian language and that he is also in excellent physical shape : "It is important for me as a player that my teammates understand me perfectly . How I want the ball, where I want it, in front of the defender, on the side or behind. I want to know those exact words in Italian, because the details are different in each language . "

On his weight he assured that now he has a diet based on fish, potatoes and vegetables that has put him in shape: "Usually, I have a good digestion. I metabolize everything quickly . It has been like this all my life. But the nutritionist said that I have to work like this. Now I'm fine, my body is in the zone. "

A fearsome attack
On his fellow attackers, 'Big Rom' made it clear that he can play alongside Argentina's Lautaro Martínez : "I can play a touch with him and make another move. I can enter certain spaces where I want to go and Lautaro will give me the ball " .

About his former teammate at Manchester United, Alexis Sánchez , said that with the 'red devils' they didn't have much time to adapt to the team and that there were also many changes: "We can look around for a long time and we won't find anyone like him in the world. Me and Alexis at United worked well, but we needed more time in the field to do our best . It wasn't the right time to be in Manchester. Too many changes, when you change so much, it's hard . "

In addition, he confesses that the Chilean feels that this new stage at Inter Milan is a correct step in his career. Romelu Lukaku hopes to win with the 'neroazurri' and dethrone the champion of the Serie A for eight consecutive years, the Juventus of Turin : " Here I clearly felt the desire to win. That's why I'm here. That's why Romelu is here . Will it work? We'll talk about it at the end of the season, "he said.

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